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Volunteer Lobbying

Each session FJA is inundated with bills restricting or eliminating the rights of your clients. FJA members provide critical input related to policy proposals that impact individuals’ rights and defend against corporate attacks on Florida’s civil justice system. All FJA members are invited and encouraged to come to Tallahassee and help educate lawmakers, review legislation, and testify in legislative committees.

When you come to Tallahassee:

  • You will be briefed when you come to Tallahassee on the important issues we are working on, including proactive and defensive legislation.
  • First-time volunteers will be briefed and prepared by FJA legislative staff on what to expect with our “Advocacy 101” briefing.
  • Each member volunteer will receive the appropriate position papers, bills, amendments, and House and Senate directories so you can identify the legislators and find their offices.
  • Volunteer lobbyists may also be called upon to draft amendments, position papers, and talking points while in Tallahassee, as well as reviewing legislation that may affect FJA members and their clients.
  • If needed, some volunteer lobbyists may even testify before House or Senate committees and/or meet with legislators to brief them on issues we’re supporting or opposing.

For more information, contact Melissa Thomas by email or call (850) 521-1090.