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Since its inception in 1997, one of the primary objectives of the Women’s Caucus Section has been to promote women trial lawyers in all areas of the association. Members of the caucus play instrumental roles in many FJA activities including legislative efforts, the political arena and our CLE program. The caucus works hand in hand with the FJA and its mission of preserving our civil justice system and protecting the rights and safety of Florida’s citizens.

Goals of the Women’s Caucus include:

  • Build membership and raise the profile of women trial attorneys in the FJA;
  • Identify and promote women speakers at Continuing Legal Education Programs and FJA Conventions;
  • Identify and promote diversity and minorities in both the Caucus and FJA;
  • Identify and encourage women to participate on committees and offices within the Caucus and FJA;
  • Develop a directory of FJA Caucus members;
  • Facilitate the networking of Women Caucus members, FJA members and members of the Florida Bar;
  • Inform and educate Caucus members about ways to strengthen the FJA, the Caucus and their individual practices;
  • Present a program at the annual FJA convention or Workhorse Seminar;
  • Plan and participate annually in FJA Caucus Lobby Days and to otherwise facilitate and participate in FJA lobbying efforts;
  • Participate in the various regional FL PAC Task Forces;
  • Publish periodic articles and report upcoming and past events in the FJA Journal;
  • Mentor women trial attorneys; and
  • Highlight the achievements and accomplishments of FJA Women Caucus members in the profession.

The caucus consists of up to 16 member Board of Directors. The board meets via conference call to which all members of the FJA are invited and encouraged to attend. In addition to other activities, the caucus hosts the Women’s Caucus “Lobby Days” in Tallahassee during the legislative session, participates and promotes women speakers at CLE seminars throughout the year and gather at all major FJA events to socialize and network. Membership in the caucus is open to both men and women and is included with your FJA membership.

Margaret Swope

Margaret Swope
Palm Harbor

Michal Meiler

Michal Meiler

Hali Marsocci

Hali Marsocci
West Palm Beach

Latoya Harridon Lodge

Latoya Harridon-Lodge
Fort Lauderdale

Molli McGuire

Molli McGuire
Immediate Past-Chair


Directors (2021-2023)
Nicole Kruegel, Palm Beach Gardens
Sara Papantonio, Pensacola
Lindsay Reinhart, West Palm Beach

At-Large Directors
Destiny Barbosa, West Palm Beach
Lea Bucciero, Miami
Kelsey Burke, West Palm Beach
Yasmeen Lewis, West Palm Beach
Rebekah Molasky, Ft. Lauderdale

Directors (2022-2024)
Kathryn Avila, Pensacola
Rachel Flanagan, Palm Beach Gardens
Janeen Kirch, Jacksonville

Table for Eight

The FJA Women’s Caucus is hosting “Tables for Eight” in various cities across the state. Local Women’s Caucus members gather at a local restaurant for an evening of conversation and camaraderie. This event is designed to bring together women trial attorneys for an informal, small-group networking meal and serve as a platform for caucus members to get to know each other better, brainstorm strategies to combat the stress of law+family+office, and discuss all the good things in our lives.

Stay tuned for 2022 Tables for 8