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Many of you have signed up to serve on voter protection teams to observe the vote on election day and assist voters. This being Florida – a purple state – we anticipate that there may be recount scenarios throughout the state, particularly in Florida House and Senate races.* We need teams of lawyers throughout Florida who will agree to be on standby after the election to assist pro-justice candidates of either party involved in recounts.

FJA Members Dan Hendrickson (Leon County Lead Counsel) and Matthew Medina are hard at work in the voter protection Boiler Room (located in the FJA office conference room) to ensure every vote is protected this election cycle.

Volunteer lawyers will be asked to observe canvassing boards and other assignments in counties involved in recounts.

Please volunteer to help protect the rights of voters and candidates in the event of a recount. Should you choose to volunteer, you will receive training to ensure your ability to preserve the rights of voters who participate in the 2018 elections.

If you would like to volunteer to assist voters during early voting or on election day, please sign up for the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Voter Protection project.

If you would like to volunteer to be on standby after the election for recount duties please email G.C. Murray, Deputy General Counsel.

I know that many of you have contributed generously to the campaigns of pro-justice candidates but still ask, “What else can I do?” This is what you can do.

*You may remember that in Virginia in 2017, Democrats picked up 17 seats in the Virginia House of Representatives. Prior to certification of the election results, eight of these seats went through a recount – one of which resulted in a person “elected” by picking a number out of basket based on Virginia’s “too close to call” rules.

Written by Paul Jess, Executive Director of the Florida Justice Association.

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