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The Florida Justice Association partners with TrialSmith, the largest expert database exclusively for plaintiff lawyers, to offer services and resources to help attorneys succeed in their practice. Through its membership agreement, FJA members can instantly access expert depositions, court testimony, Daubert challenges, disciplinary actions, medical articles, case law and more. Every search simultaneously connects lawyers with others who have experience with experts.

For questions or help with accessing your TrialSmith Benefits, please email or call (850) 521-1093.

Take Advantage of the Following FJA Benefits

Free TrialSmith Basic Plan

Current FJA members automatically gain access to TrialSmith’s Basic Plan at no additional cost. Learn more about the Basic Plan and additional upgraded plans available today!

Free Introductory Economy Plan

First time members of the FJA can access TrialSmith’s Economy Plan at no cost for 12 months. To receive this benefit, please fill out and email the form below to

Search the Depo Database

With this feature, FJA members can search for depositions of experts, doctors, and corporate reps. Depositions are immediately available to read or download. FJA members can use the database for free and pay nothing for documents by contributing depos and earning credits. FJA members can earn up to $30 in purchase credits or up to $10 Amazon cash for EACH deposition your law firm uploads. No indexing, de-duping, or redacting necessary, just drag and drop! Upload your documents here.

Not sure how to upload your documents? Check out and download our How To Upload Guide.

Access List Server Archives

No more going through your inbox to find that message you saw a while back that was shared on an FJA list server. My List Messages allows you to view and search your list server messages—all in one place!

Check out the Documents and Forms Database

Search, access, and download more than 400 files covering documents like summons, motions, discovery, Intake questionnaires, and more. (Learn More)

On-Demand Expert Reports

Order custom expert reports including the Expert Daubert Challenge Study, providing real-time summaries of prior challenges, and the Expert Comprehensive Profile Report, offering a thorough analysis of an expert using various sources and databases. (Learn More)