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Welcome to The Florida Justice Association’® (“FJA” or “Association”) website ‐ your number one online resource! This Terms of Service Policy (Policy) applies solely to information contained on this website. By accepting this Policy you expressly agree to adhere to all statements made herein.

FJA may make modifications to this Policy without notice. Such modifications are effective immediately upon being published on We encourage visitors to review our policies periodically. This Policy will be governed by the laws of the State of Florida.


The name Florida Justice Association (FJA) is a registered trademark. Nothing herein grants any person or entity ownership or ongoing interest in the name or logos of The Florida Justice Association or for any purpose not approved by FJA or for any purpose subsequent to any termination of this Policy. Nothing in this Policy prohibits FJA from granting a license to use FJA’s name or logos in regard to providing of services or products.


The FJA website,, in its entirety is the property of The Florida Justice Association. FJA retains ownership of all information, databases, programs and content contained on and maintains editorial control over the entire content of its’ website.

It is understood that all lists of FJA’s members, as well as all documents, systems, data, policies or other information contained on are proprietary and shall be and remain the property of FJA and may be utilized by a visitor of this site only for the purposes and under the conditions set forth in this Policy. No component of this website may be replicated to reproduce another website. Member contact information may not be entered into a computer database without the prior, written permission of FJA.

Throughout there are documents for download or printing. FJA grants permission to any non‐member visitor to view and print any public document. Information or documents that have been designated for members, where access is only granted after logging into Member Services with a username and password, should be used for the express benefit of an FJA member and not shared with any non‐member.

FJA may, but a visitor may not, exercise the right to reproduce and license to others, for profit or otherwise, any such lists, documents, systems data, policies or other information contained on Violators are subject to discipline under federal copyright laws.


Any visitor to shall indemnify and hold FJA, its directors, officers, agents, employees, affiliates, successors or assigns harmless from and with respect to any loss, damage, liability, claims, costs, causes of action, judgments, payments, expenses, including expenses for investigation and attorneys’ fees arising out of or relating to any information obtained by the visitor directly or indirectly through

Sponsorship of any web page or business listings in Litigation Services or links to Business Friends of EAGLE on does not imply endorsement of sponsor or business and the products or services they provide. Visitors to agree to hold harmless and indemnify The Florida Justice Association and its directors, officers, agents, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns from and against any and all loss, damage, liability, claims, costs, causes of action, judgments, payments, expenses, including expenses for investigation and attorneys’ fees, which in any way result or arise from the actions, experiences or exchange of information with any business listed or website sponsor located on

Web page sponsors, businesses participating in Litigation Services and the Business Friend of EAGLE program agree to The Association’s advertising policies or terms and conditions for the service of interest, which are incorporated as part of the sponsorship contract or agreement.


When you fill out an online form on, we collect and store any information you enter on our website. Examples of instances where we collect your information are, but not limited to, registration for CLE seminars, membership applications, pledge forms, information request forms or online dues payments. The information collected may include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Florida Bar ID Number & Date Admitted
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Mailing or Street Address
  • Your Phone and/or Fax Number
  • Your Email Address
  • Information Pertaining to Your Practice
  • Your Political Affiliation
  • Your Gender
  • Type of Credit Card Being Used (American Express, MasterCard or VISA)
  • Name Imprinted on the Credit Card Being Used
  • The Credit Card & Verification Number
  • The Credit Card Expiration Date

Along with the above we will also collect any information you provide as it pertains to the product or service you are attempting to purchase or signup for.

Some information to be provided on may be required in order to process requests. Where applicable, we have indicated which fields are required by popup messages upon the visitor’s attempt to submit an incomplete form. The visitor always has an option to not provide information simply by electing not to use a particular service or feature.


Visitor agrees that FJA may use their personal information to improve marketing and promotional efforts, to analyze site usage, improve site content or product/service offerings as well as customize the site’s content or layout. Use of this information assists FJA in an attempt to improve the site and better tailor it to meet all visitor needs while using the site.


Each member of The Association has their own unique website username and password. FJA strongly urges members to not disclose this information with anyone. The username and password gives a member the ability to update their personal information (profile), make pledges, pay dues or subscription balances, access members only [attorney] material and more through To do so the member must log into Member Services with their username and password.

Members are responsible for all actions taken with their username and password. Passwords can only be obtained by providing an email address and making a request from the Home or Member Services Pages. If FJA does not have an email address on file or the member’s email address has changed but not updated on you will not be able to obtain your username and password. Association staff will make every effort to update in a timely manner while ensuring that the information being provided is a valid request by a member.


Association [voting] members are offered an opportunity to “enhance” the basic contact information displaying on (name, firm name, address and phone number, email address, areas of practice) by adding their website. Information obtained from any member contact record on that has been enhanced does not imply a referral by The Florida Justice Association nor does it imply qualifications of any member to represent you in any legal proceedings.


There are several places on where visitors might encounter links to other websites. These links are intended to provide a mechanism by which members or non‐members can easily access resources related to but outside the scope of information maintained on

FJA will not be responsible for information contained, utilized on or privacy practices of other websites, including those reached through website sponsorships, businesses listed in Litigation Services or links to Business Friend of EAGLE on Other sites may have their own policies regarding privacy. Visitors linking from to another site should protect themselves by searching for and reading privacy policies located on the destination site(s) before disclosing any personal information. If a visitor accessed through another site, the visitor should be aware that the site linked from may collect their own information; refer to the privacy policies on those sites to see how information is collected and used.

Sponsorship of any web page, listings in Litigation Services and links to Business Friends of EAGLE on does not imply endorsement of sponsor/business or the products or services they provide.


Questions pertaining to the Terms of Service Policy of may be directed to:

Florida Justice Association
218 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Phone: (850) 224‐9403