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TALLAHASSEE – This report, commissioned by one group of insurance corporations, and based on surveys of those corporations, is so fundamentally flawed on several levels that it has no credibility.

• The ‘findings’ stated in this report are way out of line with the real-world savings that were generated after Colorado, Georgia, and Connecticut switched from no-fault auto insurance to a responsibility-based approach.

• The report fails to account for fraud savings that would be realized by replacing the PIP system with a responsibility-based approach.

• The ‘findings’ don’t even track Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation’s own data from just over a year ago.

The insurance corporations that paid for this report apparently are afraid of Florida embracing a new approach that promotes the principles of individual responsibility and accountability. That’s why this insurance corporation-sponsored report wildly misses the mark.  This report even includes an admission of its bias since the data comes from the trade association’s own insurance corporation members and includes a warning to readers on Page 22 of the report saying:

“[D]ue to the uncertainty involved in projecting future events, it is likely that the actual results will vary from our projections, perhaps materially. There may be greater uncertainty involved in our analysis as we have relied on a survey of PCI members for several key assumptions. To the extent the participating members do not represent an unbiased sample of the entire market of personal auto insurers in Florida, our results may be biased as well.”

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Ryan Banfill
Communications Director
Florida Justice Association
850-521-1047 (direct)

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