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Sandy D'Alemberte and Paul Jess
(From left to right) Patsy Palmer, Sandy D’Alemberte, Paul Jess, Helen Jess

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Statement by FJA Executive Director Paul Jess
Honoring the Life of Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte

“The Florida Justice Association honors the influential life of Sandy D’Alemberte. I am profoundly saddened by Sandy’s death on a personal and professional level. Sandy was a visionary leader who brought sunshine to our state’s judicial, political, and educational landscape.

Justice was the North Star that guided Sandy through every station of his life. The pursuit of justice influenced his life’s work including as President of the American Bar Association, Dean of the FSU College of Law, and as President of The Florida State University. Not to mention, we owe a debt to Sandy for his leadership as a central architect in the construction of the constitutional framework for governance in today’s Florida.

Sandy was a personal mentor to me, hiring me in 1984 as a legal research and writing instructor at the FSU College of Law. I know firsthand the positive influence he has had on countless students.

Sandy had the awe-inspiring ability to make every project, institution, or initiative better, just by bringing his time or talent to it. Whether it was revising the Florida Constitution, allowing cameras in state courts, or guiding FSU’s law school to provide a respected launch pad for numerous legal careers, he tackled every challenge placed before him like the true gentleman he was; with honor, strength, and dignity.

In recognition of the incredible contribution Sandy made to the practice of law in the Sunshine State, The Florida Justice Association in 1993 honored Sandy with our highest award – the Perry Nichols Award – in recognition of his perseverance, commitment, and unmatched dedication to the civil justice system. Through his deeds, Sandy set the highest standard for all of us to aspire to achieve.

We extend our most heartfelt sympathy to his wife Patsy Palmer, his children Gabrielle D’Alemberte Grayson and Joshua Talbot D’Alemberte, and their entire family as we join them in mourning Sandy’s death. Sandy carried many honors and accolades, but none more important or impactful as the titles of husband and father.

Sandy’s life is a strong testament to his incredible character, strong values, and true love for justice and stands as a shining example of the good work one person can do when they’re committed to serving others.”


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