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FJA recognizes the integral role that each paralegal has in a law firm. The FJA created the Paralegal/Legal Assistant Section to acknowledge the value of the paralegal/legal assistant in the civil justice system. The Section provides each person with a professional association to grow in, peers to receive recognition from, and a sense of belonging. This Section will allow you to network, strategize, and get to know more of your peers involved in the Association. There are a host of tangible benefits too including access to a statewide email discussion group which can connect you to other paralegal/legal assistant experts for advice and resources. Furthermore, the FJA provides ongoing professional development programming specifically covering the most relevant topics such as technology, ethics, e-discovery, and other topics that directly relate to your practice area. We deliver those high-level training through in-person seminars, live webinars, MP3s/audio CDs, and video presentations.


Olga Patterson

Meg Hartnett

Michelle Montecalvo

GiGi Brown
Section Staff Liaison
Membership Coordinator

Directors (2020-2022)

Steve Sanchez

Sylvia McMillon

Leslie McCown

Cristina Dunaway