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About the Minority Caucus

The FJA is fortunate to have such a wide variety of identities within its membership. The Minority Caucus addresses the issues and concerns of underrepresented attorneys of different races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and orientations improving the legal system through inclusivity, alliance, and advocacy.

Through networking, continuing legal education, and experiences, the FJA brings together our diverse membership with our common goal of defending the civil justice system.

Get Involved

MC Roundtable
The MC Roundtable is a unique benefit of being a member of the MC. Members can request a Roundtable to discuss elements of their case before going to trial. These discussions allow members to get feedback outside of their normal channels, creating different approaches, angles, and answers to the most challenging questions.

MC Member Mentorship Program
The MC Member Mentorship Program pairs active FJA members with one another to ensure every member is getting the full support of this great organization. The FJA has a questionnaire that both potential mentors and mentees fill out, and FJA staff works to pair members based on the requested information.

MC Student Internship Program
To promote diversity at some of the most prestigious personal injury law firms in Florida, the MC created the MC Student Internship Program. This program is designed to place students in paid internships with our members around the state. The MC Student Internship Program creates a pipeline for law students from historically underrepresented groups. To apply for the internship please visit here. To sign up your firm please visit here.

Latoya Harridon Lodge

Latoya Harridon-Lodge
Fort Lauderdale

Eric Hernandez

Eric Hernandez

Kathryn Avila

Kathryn Avila

doris laing resize1

Doris Laing
Immediate Past Chair