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The production of the 2023–2024 FJA Membership Directory & Desk Reference edition is now underway. As a member, the FJA encourages you to review your contact information and make any updates to your profile to ensure accuracy in print and online editions.

FJA’s printed Directory will be published in September 2023 and distributed to FJA members, Business EAGLEs, Florida law schools, and Florida judges at no cost to you.

Should you wish to purchase advertising space in the Directory, don’t hesitate to contact Innovative Publishing directly by June at or call (844) 423-7272 for more information.

Review Your Information & Opt-In

Please review your FJA profile and ensure that your individual and firm contact information are updated in our database.

  • Login to your FJA Account.
  • Click on “Update My Membership Directory” on the left side of the screen.
  • Verify your information
    • Visit “Update My Profile” to make any necessary changes
  • Update your “Opt-In” preferences.

Your information will be updated in the online and print edition of FJA’s Membership Directory. Members are automatically opted-in to include basic information, consisting of name, firm, address, and phone number. Members can also opt-out of directory inclusion through this process.

If your information has changed in the last year, or if you were not able to include your contact information last year, now is the time to update it. Contact FJA’s Member Services Department at (850) 521-1093 for questions.

Advertise Your Firm in the Directory

Review the fields of practice advertising opportunity. There is an area set aside in the directory to highlight fields of practice, so be sure to take advantage of this option if you are interested. The directory will also feature a special section for Firm Profiles. Don’t miss your opportunity to feature your firm!

Contact Innovative Publishing directly at (844) 423-7272 or to purchase ad space or a fields of practice listing.

All advertisements must be reserved and camera-ready artwork received — including fields of practice listings and firm profiles — by June 9, 2023.

Step-By-Step Directions To Update Your Profile

Login to your MyFJA account by clicking here.


FJA Login ScreenFJA Login - Password Page





Forgot your username or password?

Click the links on these screens to reset your username or password.

Click on “Update My Membership Directory” on the left navigation menu.

Update My Membership Directory

Verify your information in the “My Data” column

Membership Directory Update 1

You can Opt-In or Opt-Out of placing various fields in the membership directory by checking the box to the left of each data field.

If you DO NOT want to be included in FJA’s 2023-2024 Membership Directory, check the box at the bottom.

Printed Directory: The printed directory will contain your basic contact information. Please select ONLY ONE address below, as only one address will be published in the printed directory.

When you’ve completed verifying your information, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. You can come back to this page to update your information, even after you’ve pressed the submit button.


Members can Opt-In to share their “Best Email.” Be sure to verify this field and click the Opt-In button.


Opt In Membership Directory 1

Click on “Update My Profile.” Then, click on the “Edit” Button and update any information as necessary.

Update My Profile 2

Your Profile Information

Visit “Update My Membership Directory” again to verify the information you added is correct, opt-in to information you’d like to add, and click submit to finish.

Update My Membership Directory

Opt In Membership Directory

If you need further assistance, please contact membership at (850) 521-1093 to update your information.

View last year’s 2022-2023 Membership Directory below.

FJA has used its best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the 2022-2023 printed directory, which was prepared with information available as of June 12, 2022. We encourage members to check their listing for accuracy. If an update is necessary, be sure to login to your FJA account and select “Update My Profile” to make changes. Updates will be immediately published in the online directory. Production for the next printed directory is anticipated to begin in the Spring 2023.

Have questions or need assistance? Contact the FJA Membership Department via phone or email.