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Each week during Florida’s interim committee weeks and the annual legislative session, FJA provides our members with an overview of the most up-to-date important legislative action and activities in Tallahassee.

However, the legislative process is very fluid, and things can change at a moment’s notice as new bills are filed, meetings are noticed late, amendments are created and noticed late. Your FJA legislative team works to track these activities and alert our legislative committee chairs and committees as things happen in real time. If information changes after our weekly email update, we notify the appropriate committee and practice groups and provide updates on this page.

Past Legislative Updates
2023 Legislative Update: Week 1
Check out our recent Legislative Update during Florida’s Legislative Session.  Read More. 
Legislative Update: Committee Weeks
Check out our recent Legislative Update during Florida’s Committee Weeks.  Read More. 
Paul Jess LEG Update Video Graphic
Special Session A
Today, following the Senate adjourning yesterday, the House adjourned Sine Die for the special Session A on property insurance. We have linked the final legislation that has been ordered enrolled, which is ready to be sent to the Governor for approval. Update: Governor DeSantis signed SB 2-A on December 16, 2022.  Read More. 
March 11th Update
Today was intended to be the official completion of the 2022 Legislative session, when the Legislature has concluded all of their legislative business for the year – including passing a state budget and official adjournment, “sine die.”
While work has been completed on all legislation that will result in statutory policy matters, lawmakers have not completed their work on the state budget. Legislative leaders announced late Tuesday that they would not finish a new state budget in time to meet the state’s 72-hour mandatory “cooling off” period, which requires the budget to be available to legislators and the public for three days prior to a final vote. READ MORE
March 4th Update
As we look forward to the final week of the 2022 Legislative session, this week included a lot of activity on bills that FJA is closely tracking.  Committees have now completed their final meetings, the budget negotiations are coming in for a landing, and now the remaining work on bills will be done on the House and Senate floor. READ MORE
February 25th Update
We are down to the final two weeks of the 2022 Legislative session. This is a time of marathon meetings as House and Senate committees finalize their work – which means a lot of activity on bills FJA is closely tracking. READ MORE
February 18th Update

Three weeks remain in the 2022 legislative session. Legislative committees in both the House and Senate are beginning to conclude their work and many bills are heading to the House and Senate floor, while still others languish without hearings.READ MORE

February 11th Update
We have officially passed the halfway point in the 2022 Legislative session. Wednesday marked day 30 of the 60-day session, and it was certainly full of activity. With several of our priority bills advancing, we enjoyed a positive week of legislative movement. The Sovereign Immunity reform bill, SB 974was amended in the Senate Community Affairs Committee to put in place more meaningful benefits for victims of government negligence. READ MORE
February 4th Update
As we approach next Wednesday, we will have reached the midway point of the 2022 Legislative session. Much work remains to be done and we expect plenty of activity on various proactive and defensive bills in the remaining weeks.  
January 28th Update
Week three of the 2022 Legislative session was interesting with much activity on various priority bills for the FJA and our members. We received great news earlier today that the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee will hear the Responsible Roadways bill,SB 150, by Sen. Burgess, replacing personal injury protection (PIP) with Bodily Injury Liability auto insurance on Wednesday of next week. READ MORE. 
January 21th Update
We have made it through Week 2 of the 2022 legislative session. The week started on an interesting note, with Governor Ron DeSantis offering input on the state’s redistricting process, releasing his own recommendations for new Congressional districts. READ MORE. 
January 14th Update

The 2022 legislative session officially convened on Tuesday, with a joint session of the House and Senate and the State of the State address by Gov. Ron DeSantis.  Senate lawmakers moved quickly to finalize Florida’s redistricting process when the Senate Reapportionment Committee unanimously approved redrawn maps covering 28 Congressional districts and 40 State Senate districts with  SB 102.  

On Tuesday, bills that would repeal Florida’s broken Personal Injury Protection (PIP) auto insurance system and allow Florida to join the ranks of 48 other states that have responsibility-based auto insurance were filed in both the House and Senate.

December 3rd Update

Lawmakers convened meetings on several issues of note this week, including, the financial viability of Florida’s hospitals and nursing home facilities, extending protections that shield healthcare providers from COVID-19 related liability, and proposals on property insurance and construction defects that would hurt consumers and create new impediments to property owners being able to seek justice when a property insurer or builder is negligent.

November 19th Update

Special Session: This week the Florida Legislature convened a brief three-day special session to address vaccine mandates by Florida political subdivisions and private businesses. Lawmakers made quick work of passing several bills that were approved largely along partisan lines, and sent them to Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday.

November 5th Update

Interim Committee Week 4: The special session has been called to address vaccination mandates by Florida political subdivisions and private businesses. The Governor made this call last Friday and asked lawmakers to convene the special session the week of November 15. It will be week five out of six in preparation for the nine-week 2022 legislative session.

October 22nd Update

Interim Committee Week 3: The top point of interest coming out of the third legislative committee week, last week, was the Governor’s announcement that he is calling for the Legislature to convene a special session to address vaccination mandates by Florida political subdivisions and private businesses.

October 15th Update

Interim Committee Week 2: Ready or not the 2022 Legislative Session is right around the corner and in preparation for the annual convening of the Florida Legislature, lawmakers have returned to Tallahassee for Interim Committee weeks. Keeping FJA members informed, we will provide weekly recaps on Fridays afternoons during committee weeks and legislative session.