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Throughout the history of the Florida Justice Association®, numerous members have contributed to the work of the association by investing time, energy and commitment that it takes to fulfill these roles.

Steve Cain 2022

Curry G. Pajcic

Steve Cain

Stephen F. Cain

Laurie Briggs 21

Laurie Briggs
West Palm Beach

Todd Michaels 1

Todd Michaels
Coral Gables

Tiffany Faddis

Tiffany Faddis
Immediate Past President

paul jess 1

Paul Jess
Executive Director

Brent Bradley

Brent Bradley
Executive Committee Member

Peter Hunt

Peter Hunt
Executive Committee Member
West Palm Beach

Christopher Ligori

Christopher Ligori
Executive Committee Member

Matthew Posgay

Matt Posgay
Executive Committee Member

Brent Steinberg

Brent Steinberg
Executive Committee Member

Alex Arteaga-Gomez, Coral Gables
Brent Bradley, Pensacola
Virginia M. Buchanan, Pensacola
Thomas W. Carey, Clearwater
Michelle N. DeLong, Palm Beach Gardens
Amanda Demanda, Miami
David C. Dismuke, Lakeland
Julie A. Fine, Gainesville
Elizabeth Finizio, Fort Lauderdale
Louis Anthony Gonzalez, Winter Park

Andrew A. Harris, West Palm Beach
Pete Hunt, West Palm Beach
Matthew Kaplan, South Miami
Karl W. Labertew, Orlando
Doris Laing, Tallahassee
Christopher Ligori, Tampa
Maegan Peek Luka, Orlando
Alan L. Perez, Sarasota
Matthew N. Posgay, Jacksonville
Eric C. Ragatz, Jacksonville

Meranda Reifschneider, Miami
Carter Scott, Tallahassee
Kerri C. Smith, Boca Raton
Barry M. Snyder, North Miami Beach
Anthony F. Sos, Orlando
DeWayne Terry, Miami
Rebecca Timmons, Pensacola
Eric Tinstman, Miami
Waylon Thompson, Panama City
Ben J. Whitman, West Palm Beach
Gregory M. Yaffa, Palm Beach Gardens

Amicus Curiae Committee
Chair: Bryan S. Gowdy, Jacksonville

Appellate Practice
Chair: Nicole J. Segal, Tampa
Chair-Elect: Thomas J. Seider, Tampa

Auto Insurance/Bad Faith
Chair: Brent G. Steinberg, Tampa
Chair-Elect: Gretchen Ortiz, Orlando

Medical Damages
Chair: Damian Mallard, Sarasota

Medical Malpractice
Chair: Phil A. Gold, Miami
Chair-Elect: Jennifer Fernandez, Tampa

Minority Caucus
Chair: Latoya Harridon-Lodge, Ft. Lauderdale
Chair-Elect: Eric Hernandez, Miami

Nursing Home
Chair: Stephen Watrel, Jacksonville
Chair-Elect: Brian Guppenberger

Premises Liability
Chair: Todd Michaels, Coral Gables

Property Insurance Law
Chair: Amy D. Boggs, Saint Petersburg

Solo/Small Firm
Chair: Amber Hall, Tallahassee

Women’s Caucus
Chair: Margaret Swope, Palm Harbor
Chair-Elect: Michal Meiler, Miami

Workers’ Compensation
Chair: Kimberly J. Syfrett, Panama City
Chair-Elect: Jordan D. Anderson, Tallahassee

Young Lawyers
Chair: Peter Tragos, Clearwater
Chair-Elect: Jordan A. Dulcie, West Palm Beach

Sean C. Domnick, Palm Beach Gardens

Jack Hickey, Miami
James R. Holland, II, Jacksonville
Jennifer M. Lipinski, Palm Beach Gardens
Ricardo M. Martinez-Cid, Miami
Sara Papantonio, Pensacola

Troy Rafferty, Pensacola
Jeanmarie Whalen, Palm Beach Gardens
Laura V. Yaeger, Tierra Verde
Edward H. Zebersky, Fort Lauderdale

AAJ Governor Emeritus
Herman Russomanno, Miami

AAJ Lifetime Governor
Brenda S. Fulmer, West Palm Beach

Lea P. Bucciero, Miami
Nicholas C. Johnson, Palm Beach Gardens
Jeremy Solorzano, Miami Lakes

Broward County Justice Association
Anthony Quackenbush, Fort Lauderdale

Capital City Justice Association
Jaeson W. Homola, Tallahassee

Central Florida Trial Lawyers Association
P. Alexander Gillen, Orlando

Jacksonville Justice Association
Janeen Mira (Kirch)

Manasota Trial Lawyers Association
Bernard F. Walsh, Bradenton

Miami-Dade Trial Lawyers Association
Christopher M. Drury, Coral Gables

Palm Beach County Justice Association
Adriana Gonzalez, Lake Worth

Southwest Florida Trial Lawyers Association

Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association
James W. Guarnieri, Jr., Brandon

Treasure Coast Justice Association
Taylor Hoskins, Fort Pierce