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Janet Mabry was a lifelong consumer advocate and began working with FJA as a lobbyist in January 2004. As part of FJA’s lobbying team, Janet advocated to keep the courthouse doors open for all Florida citizens and fought against large corporations who wanted to restrict the rights of people. While some legislators may not have philosophically agreed with her position, all of them respected her and were impressed with how prepared, factual, and truthful she was in her presentations.

Janet was known for her feisty personality and compassionate enthusiasm. During strategy meetings, she would often re-tell an impactful discussion with a legislator or how the testimony of an injured person left her in tears.
But most of all, Janet was known as a kind, hardworking, and professional women. She loved when it was Women’s Caucus or Young Lawyers’ Lobby Days and was always eager to walk the Capitol with these caucus members, introducing them to legislators and allowing them to discuss the important legal issues and how changes could adversely affect the rights of Floridians.

To commemorate and honor Janet’s life, the FJA Women’s Caucus created the “Janet Mabry Scholarship” to allow FJA members the opportunity to travel to Tallahassee, learn about Florida’s government and educate lawmakers on various, hard-to-understand, legal issues.

This $500 scholarship is intended to offset a portion of the expense associated with travel to Tallahassee.

Janet Mabry Scholarship

To apply for the Janet Mabry Scholarship for the 2024 Legislative Session, please complete the application.

For any questions relating to the Janet Mabry Scholarship, please email or call Melissa Thomas at (850) 521-1090.

More about Janet:

Janet was born in Swampscott, MA on May 19, 1953. Janet and her siblings were raised in Treasure Island, FL, where she spent most of her childhood searching for sand dollars, boating, and swimming in the Florida sunshine. She was a true Florida girl. Janet attended Boga Ciega High School, received a BA in Political Science from Florida State University, and went on to obtain her MA in Political Science from Northern Arizona University.

She spent her early career as a child psychologist for Pasco County, FL. After being a legislative aide to Representative Ron Richman, she ran for the Florida House of Representatives. Janet found her passion as an independent lobbyist in the State of Florida, positively influencing legislation in areas of childcare, fighting sex trafficking, mobile homes, massage therapy, trial attorneys, and women’s rights.

She was a mountain of a woman, standing statuesquely in her strength and beauty. Everyone who met her has learned some great lessons from her infinite wisdom. What made her the most amazing woman was her ability to bring out the beauty of even the smallest details. She had electric blue eyes, an infectious laugh, and a love of nature. She enjoyed coffee on the front porch with her daughters, watching butterflies, and scooping for sea creatures in the Gulf of Mexico. When you were around Janet there was one thing you knew, her opinion! Janet loved to “negotiate” in-depth on any subject.

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