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Hurricane Ian, a category 4 storm, made landfall in Southwest Florida on September 28, 2022, bringing catastrophic wind, flooding, and destruction along with it. The storm’s path cut across central and eastern Florida leaving most parts of the state impacted. It was not long before it was realized that it would take significant time and resources for Floridians living in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Ian to recover.

As soon as the storm subsided, Florida Justice Association members and legal organizations came together to help those impacted. The weekend after the storm, they began facilitating the delivery of much-needed supplies, coordinating volunteer efforts and raising funds for those in need.

FJA leaders and staff assembled three trucks and trailers and headed down to southwest Florida to help the Salvation Army in Fort Myers and local first responders facilitate the delivery of supplies including generators, fuel, fans, water and first aid kits. They also assisted local volunteers working with chainsaws to clear debris from roadways. The following week, a local nonprofit in Arcadia, FL called Links2Success, received and helped distribute food, clothes and other basic essentials to 55 households (232 people) in the disaster zone.

Because of the generous contributions of our members, the FJA Research and Education Foundation has been able to provide badly needed aid for Florida residents as they tackle the enormous task of putting their communities back together after this historic and devastating storm. Through the Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund, the association has raised more than $85,000 to help Floridians hit hardest by Ian.

Stay up to date on the FJA Research and Education Foundation’s Hurricane Relief Efforts on Facebook.

As relief efforts continue, the Foundation is encouraging others to help those impacted by donating to its Disaster Relief Fund today. 100% of contributions will go directly towards providing aid to victims impacted by Hurricane Ian. Let your fellow Floridians know you care by making a contribution to the FJA Research and Education Foundation. To donate, please visit

Thank You to Our Contributors

Because of the generous support of our members, we have been able to help those impacted. Thank you for supporting our communities in need.

Disaster Relief Partners:
American Association for Justice
Charger Water Treatment Products
Cuban American Bar Association
Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Miami-Dade Trial Lawyers Association
Palm Beach County Justice Association

Stephen F. Cain
Curry G. Pajcic
Melissa Robbins
Robert L. Paulk III
Michelle Eagen
Nicholas DeBellis
Leslie A. McCown
Paul D. Jess
Haggard Law Firm
Clifton C. Curry, Jr.
Jeremy Hayes
Laurie J. Briggs
Brian Tannebaum
Michelle Crumbliss
Larry S. Stewart
Peter Hunt
Tania Zahra Alavi
Donald J. Ward III
George A. Vaka
Jeff Porter
Robert Greenberg
John Cordisco
Timothy A. Rowe
Patrick Hagerty
Joan Williams
Katherine A. Kiziah
Elwanda Leonard
Kathryn McDowell
Diane Dulcie
Mary McCann
Becky Barlow
Michael Feiler
Suzanne V. Mabie
Lee Phillips
Domnick Cunningham & Whalen
David C. Murray
A. Dax Bello.
Brenda S. Fulmer
Amy D. Boggs
Kasten Kenig
Rich Barrera
Shelley Baker
Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart and Shipley
John Scarola
Hazel Bruce
Jamey & Szerdi
Elizabeth Ballard-Howse
William Thomas Cotterall
John C. Hopkins
Elliot Richman
Rebecca Antico
Mikayla Taylor
Debbie Hernandez
Benjamin E. Richard
Laureen Verderame
Andrea Nott
Michele G. Waddell
Pamela Roberts
Gary Fox
Leslie Mitchell Kroeger
Andrea Nott
Gregg M. Hollander
Laurie Leiser
Manuel & Thompson, P.A.

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