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Informing Public Opinion and Perception

The FJA Research and Education Foundation works constantly to foster an understanding of the justice system and each Floridian’s role in the system. we advocate for justice and fairness for victims, consumers, and all Floridians.

As a charitable non-profit foundation, the FJA Research and Education Foundation serves both individual attorney practitioners and Florida residents. Today, the Foundation works in partnership with members of the Florida Justice Association and with other related organizations to advance an ambitious agenda to expand, create, and fund initiatives that serve the needs of diverse constituencies from Key West to Pensacola.

Through our annual education and research agenda, the Foundation takes action to help:

  • Deliver high-quality research and information to enhance public knowledge about civil justice.
  • Educate both the public and opinion leaders about Florida’s judicial system and public policy issues.
  • Demonstrate the important ways in which trial lawyer representation of individuals has a direct impact upon the well-being of our American way of life.
  • Prepare advocates who are knowledgeable about citizens’ rights to access a fair and impartial judicial system when they have been wronged.
  • Encourage outstanding young lawyers to consider the trial practice specialty as a career option.