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Contributions – both financial commitments and volunteer service – make it possible for the Foundation to take on the research initiatives and educational programming so important to Floridians and, equally important, to the ongoing preparedness of trial lawyers across Florida.

In addition to its Endowment Trust for Justice, the Foundation has other ways through which to accept gifts and grants to support its agenda. The Foundation is honored that John Romano, Esq. has agreed to serve as Honorary Chair for the campaign to enlist support for the Endowment Trust for Justice.

Things to know about the Endowment Trust for Justice
  • Gifts made to the Endowment Trust will be invested and professionally managed.
  • Only the earnings and appreciated value may be used for program and operating purposes.
  • The corpus of each gift is protected in perpetuity and may never be withdrawn from the Trust for other non-Foundation initiatives.
  • Contributors may use a combination of current and estate giving to make a personal commitment to the Foundation.
  • In addition to the Trust, the Foundation will also seek current cash commitments which can be used in their entirety, again only for Foundation programming and operations.

The FJA Research and Education Foundation is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization to which tax-deductible contributions may be made, as provided by law.

For more information and how to give, please contact Melissa Robbins at or call (850) 521-1093.