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Making a Difference for All Floridians

The Florida Justice Association Research & Education Foundation promotes the civil justice system and understanding of Florida’s civil justice system and how its preservation benefits consumers, victims, and all Floridians. The FJA Research and Education Foundation has a straightforward mandate – promote the study and understanding of Florida’s justice system and the ways preserving this system benefits consumers, victims, and all Floridians.

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The Foundation, established in June 1992 as a non-profit charitable organization, was known as The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers Research and Education Foundation, Inc. until its name changed in 2007.

By commissioning objective, independent research, the FJA Research and Education Foundation serves as a counterbalance to erroneous, misleading, and manufactured reports produced by corporate-funded think tanks undermine Floridian’s ability to get a fair hearing at each step of the legal process.

Through the efforts of the FJA Research and Education Foundation, over the years we’ve been able to:

• Deliver high-quality research and information to enhance public knowledge about civil justice;
• Educate both the public and opinion leaders about Florida’s judicial system and public policy issues;
• Demonstrate the important ways in which trial lawyer representation of individuals has a direct impact on the well-being of our American way of life;
• Prepare advocates knowledgeable about citizens’ rights to access a fair, impartial judicial system when they have been wronged; and
• Encourage outstanding young lawyers to consider the trial practice specialty as a career option.

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