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by Alyssa Davenport, FJA Communications Coordinator

They all wore white in a bold, inspiring, and motivating statement of strength, solidarity, and support. Indeed, it was a true celebration where the members of the Florida Justice Association Women’s Caucus marked the swearing-in of former FJA Women’s Caucus Chair Leslie Mitchell Kroeger to serve as president of the Florida Justice Association.

“I thank you, for staying strong, finding your voice, and finding your seat at the table,” Kroeger said, showing her appreciation for her fellow Women’s Caucus members during her swearing-in as FJA President, the second woman in association history entrusted with the position.

The group brings together role models who serve justice and provide leadership in communities across Florida. With more than 400 members, the FJA Women’s Caucus is made up of trailblazing trial attorneys who share a driving passion for pursuing justice and bringing bad corporate actors to account when they hurt people.

“Inclusivity, equity, and justice are guiding values of the FJA Women’s Caucus,” said Michelle N. DeLong, of Domnick Cunningham & Whalen, PLLC. “With a focus on better serving justice, the FJA Women’s Caucus is keenly focused on fostering stronger relationships among FJA members.”

The FJA is very proud to unify such successful, ambitious individuals through like-minded goals and pursuits. Some goals of the Women’s Caucus include facilitating the networking of Women Caucus members, FJA members, and members of the Florida Bar, raising the profile of women trial attorneys in the FJA and in the practice, and highlighting the achievements and accomplishments of FJA Women’s Caucus lawyers in the profession, just to name a few.

The Women’s Caucus also has its own ListServe, which was formed several years ago and quickly became one of the most active ListServe’s of FJA. This ListServe is a form for Women’s Caucus members to improve themselves and their practice through professional support of each other. Here, the members can pose questions related to their practice and offer professional advice to one another on the best course of action. Given the involvement of the women: if you ask a question, it will be answered.

One of the activities the FJA Women’s Caucus has recently conducted was the bringing of trial law practitioners together at a series of “Table for Eight” events across the state. These events were held at local restaurants to create a space for FJA Women’s Caucus members to converse in a casual setting. The meetings bring together women trial attorneys for an informal, small-group evening of camaraderie and networking. “Table for Eight” events provide a platform for caucus members to get to know each other better, brainstorm strategies to combat the stress of law + family + office, and discuss all the good things in life. The FJA Women’s Caucus is hoping to make this an annual event, where women can look forward to meeting with peers to provide and receive professional support.

Although the Table for Eight events are over for the year, be on the lookout for other upcoming events to attend, including Women’s Caucus Lobby Days during the 2020 Legislative Session, Dinner at Workhorse and the Women’s Caucus Retreat.

“The FJA Women’s Caucus is a family,” added FJA Women’s Caucus Chair DeLong. “We’re there to celebrate the victories, professional, and personal accomplishments, and other high points. More importantly, if one of our members hits a low point or faces a monumental challenge, we mobilize and provide support, empathy, and ideas to overcome the challenge.”

Getting involved in the caucus is easy. Simply contact Deputy Legislative Director Lynn McCartney for any inquiries on how to join the caucus, ListServe, attend events, or any other questions you may have.

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