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The Law School Outreach Student Chapter at Florida State University started off the 2022 spring semester with a networking event at the Governors Club in Tallahassee. Hosted by the Florida Justice Association Research and Education Foundation, the event presented a unique opportunity for FSU law students to connect one-on-one with Florida’s top plaintiff attorneys. As many law students spent the prior school year on Zoom, the chance to meet attorneys through the Florida Justice Association (FJA) was an invaluable chance to expand professional networks.

“Meeting the hardworking individuals behind FJA was an inspirational experience and left me with a newfound perspective of our civil justice system. As a law student, it was refreshing to meet lawyers who are morally fulfilled from their work.” Nicholas Sellas, 1L

“The event allowed me to connect with different attorneys who explained their focus within the field. I especially enjoyed listening to Curry Pajcic, the President-elect of FJA, who talked about the importance of representing plaintiffs and the right to trial by jury.” Eliza Morehouse, 1L Representative, 1L.

“At this event not only was I able to gain a greater understanding of the FJA’s mission, but I was also able to interact with a group of attorneys who were passionate about their work. As a law student, it was inspiring to interact with attorneys who really care about the wellness of their clients and of the justice system.” – Alex Sainz, 1L

The purpose of FSU’s student chapter is to help promote the study and understanding of Florida’s civil justice system and the ways preserving this system benefits consumers, victims and all Floridians. To that end, the student chapter seeks to foster the career and personal development of Florida’s future legal leaders through promoting the core values of the FJA: excellence, integrity, academic scholarship, and diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints. The student chapter also seeks to provide students with practical services and events that our students desire.

What’s Next for the Law School Outreach Student Chapter at FSU

The FSU student chapter will be starting a practical application series this spring semester, with the first event in the series discussing evidence and the concept “It Isn’t True If You Can’t Prove It.” Curry Pajcic, the Chair of the Code and Rules of Evidence Committee of the Florida Bar and President-elect of the FJA will explain to the students how evidence is the foundation of any trial. He will discuss how, why and what order to gather evidence for your case. Following the first event, the second event in the series features a lunch reception with a panel of attorneys who will share with students the realities of law outside of law school.

How Attorneys Can Get Involved

To help educate FSU law students, the student chapter invites FJA members and attorneys to join future networking events or speak to the club about their legal experience. The future of the student chapter is exciting and I, alongside the FJA student board, look forward to seeing FJA’s place on FSU’s campus develop.

—Daley Pajcic, President of FJA Student Chapter at FSU

Daley Pajcic is from Jacksonville, Florida and currently attends Florida State University College of Law. In 2020, Daley graduated from Auburn University, Summa Cum Laude, with a BA in History. At FSU Law, Daley is focused on studies related to criminal law as her interest is in criminal litigation. Daley is an editor on Florida State University Law Review and a member of the Moot Court team. In addition to her co-curriculars, she serves as the president of the Florida Justice Association Student Chapter at FSU. During her 1L summer, Daley clerked for Judge Mark Borello of the Fourth Judicial Circuit in Jacksonville. During her 2L summer, Daley is working as a Certified Legal Intern at the Jacksonville State Attorney’s Office.

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