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Message from the Legislative Team

Click the video below to watch Interim Executive Director Paul Jess, President Jimmy Gustafson and President-Elect Dale Swope provide an update for FJA members on the progress of our sixth week of the 2017 Civil Justice Legislative agenda.


During this week of Passover and Easter, the members of the Florida Legislature spent a good portion of the week in their home districts.

But they did spend two days hard at work in Tallahassee in the middle of the week, with both chambers putting their versions of the state budget in a negotiation position. It’s a key mile marker in the legislative process because the Constitution says the state budget is the only bill the Legislature must pass every year.

Senators and Representatives also had a burst of committee activity on Thursday, with many of FJA’s key proactive bills up for debate. In fact, four bills we support passed in committee on Thursday: Two regarding auto insurance reform, one on workers’ compensation and the other on human trafficking.

We’ve reached the point in session where the committee meetings are shutting down and the lawmakers will spend more time on the floor.

It’s the time where non-priority bills are put on the back burner for a possible return in 2018.

We’ve worked hard to put many bills on that back burner this year. Now, we must remain vigilant and watch for bad ideas to sneak into bills in the amendment process.

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