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The participation of citizens has empowered the Florida Justice Association (FJA), and established it as even more powerful force of change. Our citizen members have the strength of the FJA coalition behind them as they fight to promote safety and protect their families. There is no greater political and legislative force than citizens standing together and advocating for change.

Organizations like the Florida Justice Association have been fighting this battle for many years. They’ve been successful, so far. But it’s getting more and more difficult. We need help from people who benefit from the laws for which we’ve advocated. People like you, who know firsthand how uncaring insurance companies and big corporations can be, and who understand how our laws can work to give the power back to the people of Florida.


Below are some of the benefits that come along with your participation as a citizen member:

  • Amplify your voice on issues affecting all Floridians
  • Complimentary enrollment in the Advocacy Institute (for those who qualify)
  • Access to unique opportunities like op-eds, media interviews, and opportunity to meet with Florida lawmakers and share your story
  • Free Subscription to The Consumer Alliance a quarterly newsletter/magazine that covers important topics relating to the Civil Justice system
  • A complimentary list server that connects individuals who have been affected by the civil justice system
  • Discounts at Office Depot
  • Check back for future benefits

“They took my money, and they didn’t uphold their end of the contract. Here we are more than 14 months later, and what is even worse is the inconsistencies of the insurance companies. Because I had neighbors to the right, I had neighbors to the left, had neighbors behind me and across the street that were paid up in full for wind damage. How can my home not have wind damage?” -Melaine Hardwick, Citizen Advocate, Hurricane Michael Victim

“If I can prevent the same struggles I had to undergo for anyone else I hope to do so.” – Mary AnnChavez, Citizen Advocate, Hurricane Michael Victim

“I’ve been up here testifying against this bill six or so times and I’ve seen nothing that helps the consumer in this bill.” – Joe Busby, Citizen Advocate, Hurricane Michael Victim


  • Amplify your Voice on Issues
  • Enrollment in Advocacy Institute (if you Qualify)
  • Op-Ed, Media Interviews, and Meet Florida Lawmakers
  • Free Subscription to The Consumer Alliance
  • Complimentary Civil Justice List Server
  • Discounts at Office Depot
  • More Coming Soon!