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The Florida Justice Association Research and Education Foundation published “Chasing Justice: Florida Justice Association 1950-2000” in 2022. A landmark history of the Association, Chasing Justice chronicles its rise from a small education-focused organization to become one of the most powerful political organizations in the country.

About the Book

Meticulously researched and documented, Chasing Justice rolls back the curtains to expose the ugly truths of the tort reform battles that raged over the last half of the twentieth century and the lengths to which tort reformers were willing to go to close courthouse doors or prevent injured parties from getting too much justice. While often couched in benign terms, the insurance industry and other special interest groups sought to bend the law in their favor without regard for the social costs and harm that would follow.

It wasn’t just in the legislature that those battles were fought; there were also attempts to amend the Florida constitution and attacks on the judiciary.

But as revealed in Chasing Justice, Florida’s trial lawyers are determined and dedicated individuals. They refused to accept defeat and soldiered on no matter what the odds, costs, or how long it took to pursue justice. All that and more comes to life in Chasing Justice.

“Historic! Nostalgic! PERPETUATING! Joyful! Gut-wrenching! This is not a book, it’s a journey through the landmark moments, events and personalities of 50 years of the Academy’s roller coaster ride of fighting for justice and protecting rights.” –John F. Romano, President of Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers (1989-90)

“A spellbinding read for every plaintiff’s trial lawyer in Florida.”—Christian Searcy, President Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers (1986-87)

“A compelling page-turner!”—Linda Lipsen, CEO, American Association for Justice

“Stewart uses his own recollections and personal interviews of many of the leaders who played a major role in championing the rights of the injured and in doing so helped shape Florida’s modern tort law.”—The Honorable Barbara Pariente, Florida Supreme Court Justice

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