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My first trial: Do’s & don’ts, trial checklists & more


My First Trial at the 2017 Workhorse Seminar

Each year at Workhorse, My First Trial is the one session new attorneys cannot afford to miss.

It’s been an incredible experience. Absolutely invaluable. I gained so much insight, so many new perspectives and ideas that I am going to be able to immediately take back to the office. More importantly, it’s been incredibly inspiring to learn from the state’s and nation’s best plaintiff’s trial attorneys.
– Jason Thomassy, Ambler Law Group, Tampa

The wealth of information offered in this section is essential for those in their first few years of practice. From discovery to closing, young personal injury attorneys will be energized with fresh knowledge and perspective that will boost their confidence and trial skills.

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FJA Forward: Working Smarter Not Harder


By now most people should know the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that Millennials occupy the largest portion of the American workforce. Most researchers define Millennials as the cohort which reached adulthood around the turn of the millennium. This means millennials are most familiar with the rise of Microsoft and Windows, dying of dysentery in the game Oregon Trail, the start of Wikipedia, and when you could not get a Facebook page without a college email address. Millennials grew up with technology as a matter of life and that has shaped the entire generation in ways which make Millennials quite different from other generations in the workforce.

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