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Key Workers’ Compensation Reform Legislation Set for Committee Action

Following a workshop on the issue last week, the House Insurance & Banking Subcommittee this week is expected to vote on workers’ compensation reform.

The Florida Justice Association supports responsible reforms to provide statutory and rate reforms that return workers’ compensation back to its stated purpose: To help injured workers get healthy and back on the job.  establishing a more equitable framework for the state’s workers’ compensation system and a competitive and transparent rate-making system.

FJA member Kim Syfrett prepares before a committee meeting at the Florida Capitol.
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Daubert University at Workhorse

How will last week’s Daubert ruling affect your practice?

In the wake of the recent ground breaking Florida Supreme Court ruling, the timing for Daubert University at the 2017 Workhorse Seminar could not be more perfect.

“This Florida Supreme Court Opinion is a game changer for cases with Daubert challenges pending.”
– Paul Jess, Florida Justice Association Interim Executive Director

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A Victory in Workers’ Compensation

On November 23, the 73 page Order from Judge Karen Gievers was released regarding workers’ compensation rates.


It finds that NCCI violated the Sunshine Law, and it enjoins the workers’ compensation premium rate increase from going into effect on December 1st.

Congratulations to plaintiff Jim Fee and his legal team, as well as everyone else who participated and assisted in this case.

Special thanks also to FJA Workers’ Compensation Section Chair, Richard Chait, for his leadership in our FJA efforts to create a workers’ compensation system that works for everyone, especially injured workers. The lawsuit in which this order was entered is just one part of the overall effort in this cause.

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