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Daubert University at Workhorse

How will last week’s Daubert ruling affect your practice?

In the wake of the recent ground breaking Florida Supreme Court ruling, the timing for Daubert University at the 2017 Workhorse Seminar could not be more perfect.

“This Florida Supreme Court Opinion is a game changer for cases with Daubert challenges pending.”
– Paul Jess, Florida Justice Association Interim Executive Director

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Supreme Court 600

Florida Legal Updates – January


Compiled by Don Freeman, FJA Legislative Analyst

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Inc. v. Jane Doe

Opinion from the Second DCA filed January 13, 2017

Appellant claimed she was sexually assaulted by an employee of St. Joseph’s while a patient in its mental health unit. Count one of the complaint alleged negligence for failing to prevent the attack from happening. Count two alleged violations of § 766.110, Fla. Stat., entitled “Liability of Healthcare Facilities,” for failing to have and comply with a comprehensive risk management program, pursuant to § 395.0197, Fla. Stat., tasked with investigating and reviewing “adverse incidents.” St. Joseph’s tried to argue that summary judgment should be granted because this was a medical malpractice case and presuit was not followed. Trial court denied on both counts.

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[myPalmBeachPost] Cerabino: The never-ending plans to hobble Florida’s high court


Posted on myPalmBeachPost: 6:00 a.m. Saturday, January 07, 2017

By Frank Cerabino – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

By my count, this is Plan E.

I’m talking about the latest harebrained attempt launched from the Florida Legislature to invalidate the state’s highest court.

Florida lawmakers have long ago realized that some of their most precious plans could be realized if it weren’t for those pesky guys and gals in the black robes on the Florida Supreme Court.

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