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“If you over-supply, people will die.” What We’ve Learned from the Oklahoma Opioid Trial

by Ryan Banfill, FJA Communications Director Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter accused Johnson & Johnson of helping to create the “worst man-made public health crisis in the history of our state and country.” That’s what he said to a packed Norman, Oklahoma courtroom during…

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Getting in Your “Rules of the Road” Evidence

By Matt Schultz
From the FJA Journal Issue #583, March/April 2015


Most trial attorneys are familiar with Rick Friedman’s “Rules of the Road,” so much so that we frequently see listserv requests for “rules of the road” outlines on various issues. The technique is powerful—requiring a defendant, most often a corporate representative, to commit to “rules” that should never be broken and then forcing admissions that the rules were broken in your case.

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