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FJA Legislative Update: Session Week 6

Message from the Legislative Team

Click the video below to watch Interim Executive Director Paul Jess, President Jimmy Gustafson and President-Elect Dale Swope provide an update for FJA members on the progress of our sixth week of the 2017 Civil Justice Legislative agenda.

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Florida Senate and House Committees Pass Responsible Roadways Bills

Two legislative committees on Thursday approved bills that would have Florida join 48 other states that require drivers to carry bodily injury insurance.

The proposals, SB 1766 by Sen. Tom Lee and CS/HB 1063 by Rep. Erin Grall, would repeal Florida’s failed no-fault PIP auto insurance system and move to a system where drivers are responsible if they cause damage.

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Workers Compensation Reform Takes Separate Paths


If the workers’ compensation reform measures considered this week in the Legislature were Star Wars movies, the Senate bill’s title would be “A New Hope” while the House bill would be called “The Empire Strikes Back.”

The Senate proposal is a much better bill for injured workers than the House plan that emerged from committee after the announcement of a deal with the insurance companies and corporations.

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House Committee Gives Green Light to Auto Insurance Reform


The Florida House Insurance & Banking Subcommittee on Monday passed legislation to repeal the state’s at-fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP) system and replace it with requiring drivers carry at least in limits of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per incident in bodily injury coverage.

Florida’s PIP laws have been subject to numerous reform attempts with the last one being in 2012. While supporters of that effort promised rate reductions, since January of 2015, PIP rates have gone up by 25 percent in Florida.

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