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FJA By CameraLady® 06 10 2021 TLR 3214
FJA By CameraLady® 06 10 2021 TLR 3214
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Celebrating Justice Together at Annual Convention

Together.  Who would have thought such a simple phrase could carry so much meaning, but the COVID-19 pandemic has given “together” seemingly new magnitude.   Being together was something we’ve had to do virtually for the majority of 2020 and 2021,…

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Daubert University at Workhorse

How will last week’s Daubert ruling affect your practice?

In the wake of the recent ground breaking Florida Supreme Court ruling, the timing for Daubert University at the 2017 Workhorse Seminar could not be more perfect.

“This Florida Supreme Court Opinion is a game changer for cases with Daubert challenges pending.”
– Paul Jess, Florida Justice Association Interim Executive Director

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Spotlight: Proof & Argument of Damages


Proof & Argument of Damages

Workhorse’s most essential teaching & learning experience


Our session, Proof & Argument of Damages, is considered by many to be the Workhorse Seminar’s most essential teaching & learning experience year after year.

It is the session where trial advocates discover the necessary ingredients needed to maximize settlements and verdicts.

We learn such lessons such as the critical nature of educating each juror on the importance of understanding that each “element” of damages is separate & distinct.

We learn the power of consortium claims (as opposed to how most lawyers devalue these claims).

We will learn tactics, techniques & strategies of making economic damage proof a “driver” of noneconomic losses.

This session can and should change the ways in which we handle the damage components of discovery and trial!

– John Romano, Romano Law Group, Lake Worth, FL
Workhorse Seminar Co-Chair

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Satisfy all of your technology and ethics CLE in one seminar!


Spotlight: Electronic Discovery & Digital Evidence Advocacy Session

This session is approved by The Florida Bar for 4 Hours of Ethics and 4 Hours of Technology CLE Credit!

Click here or scroll below to see other Workhorse sessions that satisfy the ethics and technology CLE requirements.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Driving Electronic Discovery With Technological Competency – Your Roadmap to Success at Trial
[6:30 pm – 7:30 pm]

Preliminaries to Technical Competency: This session will introduce the skill sets AND sample documents you need to drive electronic discovery negotiation, whether in a major single event or MDL. The panel will also discuss the important changes in the 2015 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the case law that emerged in the first year of their application, and comparisons with The Florida Rules Civil Procedure.

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My first trial: Do’s & don’ts, trial checklists & more


My First Trial at the 2017 Workhorse Seminar

Each year at Workhorse, My First Trial is the one session new attorneys cannot afford to miss.

It’s been an incredible experience. Absolutely invaluable. I gained so much insight, so many new perspectives and ideas that I am going to be able to immediately take back to the office. More importantly, it’s been incredibly inspiring to learn from the state’s and nation’s best plaintiff’s trial attorneys.
– Jason Thomassy, Ambler Law Group, Tampa

The wealth of information offered in this section is essential for those in their first few years of practice. From discovery to closing, young personal injury attorneys will be energized with fresh knowledge and perspective that will boost their confidence and trial skills.

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Masters of Justice Spotlight: Auto Negligence Seminar

The FJA Auto Negligence Seminar offers education on cutting-edge topics so that you can be prepared for what’s coming in the future – with or without you!


This seminar will cover many new issues for auto negligence practitioners such as updates on ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, the new green light for beta-testing autonomous commercial vehicles on Florida’s interstate highways, and the VW emissions and Takata Airbag cases.

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