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Rhode Island dram shop case reminds us of the dangers of driving under the influence

After a five-week trial, a Rhode Island jury found Twin River Casino, Royal Liquors liquor store, and an 18-year-old drunk driver liable in a dram shop case where the driver crashed, his teenage girlfriend (and mother of their child) was paralyzed from the waist down, and her friend was ejected from the vehicle.

The paralyzed teen was awarded $23 million in damages, plus interest.

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Masters of Justice Spotlight: Pre-litigation tips on what you absolutely must know and do

Spotlight: Insurance Bad Faith Seminar

This year’s seminar will feature some of the early innovators who literally “wrote the book” on Bad Faith law. Two of the speakers have handled landmark cases that shaped the development of bad faith law in the State of Florida. I’m looking forward to hearing from these litigators who have made a huge an impact on our industry.

– Waylon Thompson, Insurance Bad Faith Seminar Co-Chair

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Masters of Justice Spotlight: Auto Negligence Seminar

The FJA Auto Negligence Seminar offers education on cutting-edge topics so that you can be prepared for what’s coming in the future – with or without you!


This seminar will cover many new issues for auto negligence practitioners such as updates on ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, the new green light for beta-testing autonomous commercial vehicles on Florida’s interstate highways, and the VW emissions and Takata Airbag cases.

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FJA Forward: Working Smarter Not Harder


By now most people should know the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that Millennials occupy the largest portion of the American workforce. Most researchers define Millennials as the cohort which reached adulthood around the turn of the millennium. This means millennials are most familiar with the rise of Microsoft and Windows, dying of dysentery in the game Oregon Trail, the start of Wikipedia, and when you could not get a Facebook page without a college email address. Millennials grew up with technology as a matter of life and that has shaped the entire generation in ways which make Millennials quite different from other generations in the workforce.

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Getting in Your “Rules of the Road” Evidence

By Matt Schultz
From the FJA Journal Issue #583, March/April 2015


Most trial attorneys are familiar with Rick Friedman’s “Rules of the Road,” so much so that we frequently see listserv requests for “rules of the road” outlines on various issues. The technique is powerful—requiring a defendant, most often a corporate representative, to commit to “rules” that should never be broken and then forcing admissions that the rules were broken in your case.

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