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FJA By CameraLady® 06 10 2021 TLR 3214
FJA By CameraLady® 06 10 2021 TLR 3214
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Together.  Who would have thought such a simple phrase could carry so much meaning, but the COVID-19 pandemic has given “together” seemingly new magnitude.  

Being together was something we’ve had to do virtually for the majority of 2020 and 2021, but now as we start to get back to some sense of “normal,” it’s so exciting to be able to once again come together safely.   

For the first time in over a year, many of our FJA members gathered at the Annual Convention in Orlando earlier this month.  After only being able to have a virtual Convention in 2020, getting together this year truly felt like a celebration! Seeing colleagues in person, engaging with members, and talking about our organization’s long history and future goals was invigorating and left many feeling excited about the year ahead.   

Our Convention kicked off with the Diversity & Inclusion Reception and it was by far our most well-attended reception ever!  

Not only was the reception a sign of our desire to resume attending these networking events, but it was also a great reminder of the vast resources and diverse voices we have from all over the state, from various facets of the legal community representing the interests of so many.   

It was especially rewarding to get a chance to hear from Leslie Kroeger who was our 2020 FJA President but wasn’t able to have an in-person Convention due to COVID-19.   

The week was also spent honoring our 2021 president, Eric Romano, for leading our organization through the extraordinary last year, including garnering various legislative successes despite a socially distanced legislative session.   

Finally, we were excited to elect FJA’s 2022 President Tiffany Faddis and the executive officers – Treasurer Laurie Briggs, Secretary Steve Cain and President-elect Curry Pajcic as well as a new slate of Board of Directors.  Congratulations to our new leaders! You can find the full list of FJA leadership here. 

These gatherings are a reminder of our collective dedication to strengthening and upholding Florida’s civil justice system and protecting the rights of all Florida’s citizens and consumers. 

The commitment of our members is one of the reasons why FJA made an investment to capture the story of our organization’s history and diversity.  The upcoming book, Chasing Justice, by Larry Stewart, is an exploration of the last 60 years of FJA members working to preserve justice for all and the various adversaries, challenges and champions who have led the way. Convention attendees had the opportunity to preview Stewart’s book with cover art featured in several of the meeting rooms.  

We look forward to seeing many of our members together again at Masters of Justice in September!  

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